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Publié par Redfield Educate Together , United Kingdom le 13 juin 2018

To help raise awareness about World Oceans Day 2018, Redfield's Eco-Team organised a Water Festival. To introduce the Water Festival and World Oceans Day to the school, Eco-Team delivered an assembly to the entire school. The children listened intently, particularly as they watched this video clip

In our water festival, we had a selection of activities for parents and children to join in with thorughout the day. Before school started, we set a table with facts about plastic pollution in our oceans as preventing plastic pollution in oceans is the World Oceans focus this year. We also  did part of the Fashionable Water activty and got families to guess how much water goes into the production of one cotton T-shirt. All were very shocked at the amount. 


At playtime Eco-team set up a matching activity from the Water Walkaway category. Children had to macth the everyday activity (e.g. running a bath) with the amount of water (litres) this activity took. We had a litre of water near by to help children visualise. Again, many were very shocked! 

At lunch time, we had several activities. We had a station set up for children to write a pledge to help save the oceans; a water tray filled with fish and plastic, for which the children had to use nets to fish out the plastic to save the fish; patch work quilt station, for which we cut up unwanted clothes and drew water themed designs on them (we have had in lost property for a very long time); and the matching activities from the morning. 

Throughout the day, we also had a large polaroid set up for children to have their picture taken. 



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