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Water Explorer Launch at Headley Park
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Publié par Headley Park , United Kingdom le 8 juin 2018

Water Explorers was launched at Headley Park Primary School in last week of Term 5. The fantastic Clare Marshal and Jo Taylor inspired the children, with a thought provoking assembly. Full of enthusiasm the children then all embarked on a mission. From Nursery to Year 6 the children engaged with an age appropriate investigation. 7 completed in total:

Grow Your Own: The Nursery classes have been growing their own. The vegetables have been watered using collected rain water and excess water used in play. Each class has also planted 3 potatoes. We are having a competition to see who can grow the most potatoes. We expect to make some yummy, potato salad in the last week of Term 6!
Flushed Away: In Reception, the children have been learning how to save water. They monitored the number of times the Reception toilets were flushed. From this data, the children worked out how much water they had used in one day. They were shocked at the results! In order to combat this problem, they created weighted bottles and placed them in the toilet cisterns. This method helps decrease the amount of water used when flushing. Food colouring was also added to one of the cisterns. The toilet was left for 30 minutes to see if it was leaking. Unfortunately, two of our toilets had a leak! The children reported them immediately to our site manager. Finally, the children created a short poem to help the rest of the school save water:

‘If you wee, let it be. If you poo, flush the loo.’
This poem is now displayed next to all of the toilets in the school’.

Drenched or Dry
Year 1 spent the day looking at the where water comes from and how our weather varies around the world. They wrote acrostic poems to share the importance of water with their friends and families.

Year 2 investigated how clean the local stream was. Unfortunately, there was a lot of rubbish in the Malago. The children were concerned that they would not find any living things. However, when they completed a kick sample they found a few creatures. Using a reference key, they identified caddisflies. This as they later found out, was an indicator that the river was clean.

Clean that water up! / Water Walkway / Secret Water
Year 3 were very lucky, Clare and Jo conducted two workshops covering three missions. The children investigated ‘How much water?’ and made a water walkway with all the ideas generated. Children played the game ‘Higher or Lower’ this challenged the children to think about some of the hidden water used in food production. Finally, they looked at how water is filtered. They enjoyed using the natural resources to see natures natural filters!

Year 4 also completed a Mini SASS on the river Frome at Snuff Mills.

Fashionable Water
Year 5 have been strutting their stuff on the catwalk. After finding out how much water it takes to make a t-shirt, they decided to upcycle their old t-shirts.

Clean that water up!
Year 6 also investigated how water is filtered. After seeing the complex process in which our water is made fresh again, the children pledged to ‘Save it!’

The children had a fantastic week. They are extremely positive and proactive about water conservation. I truly believe that the children at Headley Park School have a good understanding of how precious water is and now have the tools to begin to make a difference! We can not wait to take on more missions and fill up our reservoir!
Thank you, Clare and Jo for introducing, guiding and inspiring the children to make a change!



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