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Reaching Out the Community
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Publié par St Clare College San Ġwann Primary, Malta le 11 juin 2018

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Stray Animals Support Group in collaboration with San Ġwann Local Council organised a fundraising activity in the village centre.  Our Water Explorer Team wanted to be part of this activity not just to support this initiative but also to showcase our work and to encourage the community to save water and to get them on board our mission. 

During this acitivity, held on Sunday 10th June between 16:00 and 20:00, a group of students, teachers and parents gathered near  San Ġwann Parish Church and organised a stand allocated to them.  During these four hours, the public was given information about the Water Explorer Project and tips on how to save water.  We presented our Lego masterpiece, made and distributed tote-bags.   Some of these tote-bags were also used at the end of the event, to collect empty water bottles and cups from the area and threw them in the Plastic Recyling bin.  We told people about the use of the water areators and gave a couple of them to the Local Council Members and the Parish Priest.  We also made people aware of the Shower Time Water mobile Application.



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