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Rap 4 d environment
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Last year during an eco-school meeting a group of students wrote a poem which included all the programs and initiatives in favour of the environment that our school is involved in. We feel the responsabilty of having a greener future generation. This generation should be created upon values coming from programs such as Eco-schools, Young Reporters for the Environment (Y.R.E), Learning about forests (L.E.A.F), Waterexplorers, Erasmus and E-twinning. All these programs have the same aim, that of instil in our students a sense of responsibility in the environment and thus creating new leaders who love and care for the environment.
Thanks to Maestro. Albert Garzia, our music teacher, and thanks to his music students, the poem that the students of eco-school composed was turned into a rap song. Our school will proudly play this song in special occassions.
The eco-code lyrics are:
As students of this college, we're learning everyday
we look forward to a future when someday we'll lead the way.
We know that we would make a change like there has never been.
We Reduce, Reuse, Recycle cause we all want it to be ...
... green. We intervene against the mean.
We think of the marine and work to make it
clean. Yeah, LEAF will be our theme. We're sure that we can
make it (make it) ... if we work it as a team.
A future generation informed through Y.R.E
believes the pen is mighty and can help to save a tree.
But growing isn't easy, it starts with just one seed and the ...
greed, the deeds that waste the water, go against our valued ...
creed but this we will impede, yes we will
proceed, encourage all to read about the needs.
This is our belief so let us get ...
into it and wish ourselves god speed.
We can make a difference.
There's always someone you can influence.
We can make it green, we can make it clean.



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