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If we clean up our rivers and beaches we can help to conserve our seas.
Theme: SDG 14
Advocating for chemical free farming
Theme: Life on Land
In light of climate-change induced drought, grey water is becoming a new currency for Water Explorers in South Africa
Theme: Climate Action
Saving water and making fashion statements
Theme: Responsible Production
Water Explorers seize the opportunity to clean up a local water way
Theme: Sustainable Communities
Mothers and children work together to save water and energy
Theme: Industry and Innovation
Sustainable irrigation for our school garden
Theme: Clean Energy
Organising a fun run to raise money for a water charity
Enterprise and Fundraising
Linking international students in education through water saving
Theme: Quality Education
Using permaculture to provide sustainable food supplies
Theme: Hunger and Food Security
Water Explorers take on the challenge of tackling secret water in food
Theme: Community Engagement
A Team in South Africa gets a helping hand from two Irish teams
Spreading the word about chemicals in farming is really important to this Water Explorer team
Theme: Family Engagement
Explorers find out about the Water Cycle on their desert Island
Theme: Understanding
Scientists inspire Explorers to restore their lagoon
Theme: Connecting with Nature
Students in Starnberg tackle the hidden water in paper
Theme: Creativity
Explorers from Bambani Primary carefully monitored their local river
Theme: Connecting with Nature
A Water Explorer team work to stop their community dumping electronics in their lake
Theme: Protecting nature
Water Explorers hold a sustainable fashion show at their school
Theme: Creativity
A school in Italy take action to mobilise the local community
Theme: Community Engagement
A school in Turkey work hard to create a productive garden
Theme: Connecting with nature
Team Affogati from La Carovana live the Water Explorer Values by becoming 'secret friends'.
Theme: Values
Danville Park Girls' High School demostrate why joining Water Explorer was a good decision!
Theme: Team
Teams from Italy and the United Kingdom join together to share water saving stories.
Theme: Community
Making a difference in the world is a huge challenge, but all it takes is one first step.
Theme: Achievement
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