January School of the Month
Publié le 15 février 2018

Congratulations Rathlee NS for winning January School of the Month! You are doing great on Water Explorer! As a reward for your fanastic work you will receive a brand new camera for your class, so keep an eye on the post! Your team is the first one on our country leaderboard. You have completed a lot of challenges, and even finished all the ones concerning the Precious Water area. You are now experts in Water Conservation! You recently completed the Clean that water up! challenge, and wrote a great newsreel explaining how you succeeded in filtering dirty water and even made a post on your school blog. Your own challenge, entitled Birdbath, seems amazing. By using rain water from your water gauge and a bowl, you found an artistic and funny way to save water and help wildlife! We really enjoy reading about your active work and we can't wait to hear about your new ideas!


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