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Congratulations! Our winners from year 1 are off to an amazing start! This month investigated pesticides and explored grocery store isles to find organic products and low pesticide foods.
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Plastic travelling through tummies
Avec pièce jointe
Publié par Warwick Academy , Bermuda le 8 juillet 2015

Creatures at the top of the food web eat something that has eaten something else that has eaten something else that has eaten planton, the little guy at the bottom. So if that little guy someone ingests plastic, eventually that's going to travel up through everyone that eats him or the things that ate him. That is called bioaccumulation and it's not good.

We played this game where we got to be creatures in a food web and then instead of getting tangled in the web, we found out the plastic was tangled in there and moved its way through everyone's tummies up to the top. The guy at the top gets the most cause he's eaten so many things that have eaten plastic. 

Moral of the story: stop with the plastic people! It doesn't disappear!



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