Afrique du Sud
A flowering calendar
Publié par Nhlonhlweni Primary School, South Africa le 15 décembre 2020

Today Nhlonhlweni with the helping hands of their chief gardener and many other obliging Grade 7 learners we created a small circular indigenous garden to represent the different seasons. Pulling out the invasive sisal bushes, they natured the soil with compost and then for each of the four quadrates they planted indigenous plants that flower at different times of the year. In the Summer quadrate they had Gazania and Day Lillies, in the Spring Quadrates they has beautiful pink and white Goura, in the Autumn quadrate they planted Wild Orange and white Wild Dagga ( Leonotis Leonorus) and crussula and in the winter quadrat flame red aloes, cotyledons ( Pigsears) and succulents. The beauty about grasslands is that is always there are always special floral sunrise no matter what the season!! This I told the children will encourage round the year visitors to our garden; birds, butterflies and many helpful pollinators. After a vigorous digging session we learnt about how to take care of the plants, about their medicinal uses and scientific name. Each group got to make their own signs using plastic Tupperware attached to old sticks using cable tyers. Any ingenious invention for a lovely garden.

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