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Indig is beautiful, alien is dangerous
Publié par Bambanani Primary School, South Africa le 15 décembre 2020

Bambanani school has always had a thriving indigenous garden. If fact most people who visit the school are extremely impressed with this biodiverse hotspot of a school ground. Last time I visited I was thrilled to see a myriad of Sunbirds and white-fronted bee-eaters visiting the school to sample on the abundant food sources of the delectable aloes and cotyledons flowers. Today in class children learnt about the importance of planting indigenous endemic plants to save water, attract pollinators and create a welcoming garden. Alien Invasive plants they learnt create huge problems in South Africa by drinking vast amounts of water, smothering local indigenous plants and robbing whole eco-systems of water, nutrients and sunlight. They were astonished to learn that alien plants pose such a significant risk to the integrity of our eco-systems. Beautiful but dangerous they chanted and assured me that they would take out any unwanted plants in their garden and ask the neighbour to do the same.

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