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Publié par Silindile Primary School, South Africa le 15 décembre 2020

As a follow on from our fabulous school garden, today the children learnt all about pulses. 2016 heralded the International year of pulses and for good reason, not only are pulses delicious, versatile and cheap, they are also packed with protein, energy and fibre great for supporting a healthy immune system. In a drying climate with deteriating soil fertility, pulses are perfect crop growing in almost every soil and even leaving behind nitrates for other plants to grow. Most children, like their teachers did not know the different spectrum of pulses ( beans, peas and legumes) you could buy and it was a great sensory and taste activity to feel, touch, taste and recall the rainbow of weird and wonderful beans.


After tea it was the teacher who gathered for a workshop on fighting covid by building a healthy immune system. Sorting facts from fiction, most covid related deaths, often have more to do with lifestyle than bad luck. Raising cases of diet related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes is making teachers like the general population vulnerable to pre-mature death. The good news is that a healthy lifestyle ( plenty of exercise, reducing alcohol consumption and stress) and adopting a more plant based diet rich in colourful fruit, vegetables and wholegrain is a sure path to a living in the ” Blue Zone” The science out there will certainly verify this!!


Unfortunately our modern day life with quick fixes ( pills and medication) and convenience food is full of full of stuff we don’t want to be putting in our bodies. Saturated animal fats, refined sugars and carbohydrates are an absolute No!! No!! when it comes to long term longevity.


Going through a simple meal plan it was horrifying to see how much hidden sugar in in the supposed even healthier convenient foods we consume. We later looked at how to prep our own salads and dressing to ensure we stick to the daily sugar recommendation. The highlight of day was a herb prep session at the ending looking at simple, cheap and available foods ( lemons, garlic, honey, wormwood) that we can use to make homemade herbal remedies and immune boosting tonics. One teacher, Nombulelo Mdabezitha says, “ The lessons about how to keep our bodies healthy was so interesting- the G-Bom salad was delicious and Im so excited to try out the new recipes.

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