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Eating for the Earth Workshop
Publié par Ebomvini Primary , South Africa le 16 novembre 2020

22 Teachers from Ebomvini Primary were thrilled to be part of the Eating for the Earth workshop, who learned that they way we can help our bodies respond to viruses like Covid and others much better is by what we eat. They learned that plant-based diets provide all the protein and phytochemicals we need to build a strong immune system,, unlike animal based products that are full of saturated fats and no phytochemicals whatsoever and very few minerals. 

The workshop was great , we learned to save a few hundred rands and more by cutting out/minimising meat and replacing it with lots of veggies packed with proteins and zero cholestrol. Recipes are super delicious and you dont need to be a chef to do these at home. The herb immunity booster ingredients almost come all from my garden, saving me bucks and from going to the Dr. If I could rate this workshop I would give it a 10 out of 10!  Poppy George

I really enjoyed the workshop as it changed my habit of eating anything which isnt good. As from today I know that animal based foods I should eat less of as they are full of cholestrol. Eating cereals, peanuts, beans, imifinos save life and money too and helps prevent things like diabetes and high bllod pressure. It was great to learn about natural immune boosters using local ingredients and not having to spend lots of money. The GBOMS salad was amazing it creates an appetite for healthy tasty food, praticing a healthy diet from now on will be my daily duty . Youth Mavundla

I really enjoyed the workshop, Jules and Bridget delivered the information in an informed way building on the groups knowledge. The info was detailed and the recipes so helpful. Really the workshop has changed the way that I will cook and eat. It made me very aware of the process in my body and what I need. I learned alot and they took the fear away about Covid 19 by advising us to eat mindfully and consciously. I also became far more aware and understood how lifestyle diseases like High blood pressure and diabetes work. Zandile Gumede

I enjoyed being part of the workshop - It was fascinating. I learned to appreciate nature. The recipes you shared with us all will make a difference in our lives and families especially in this time of Covid. Thank you for sharing this useful knowledge and practice with us! T J Ncane 

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