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Restore, protect and fund!!
Publié par Phumelelani Primary, South Africa le 23 octobre 2020

Today Phumelelani learners learnt all about the climate change. What is causing the climate to change, how we are contributing to the warming of the planet and what are the consequences if global temperature exceeds the 2 degree threshold. Already we have witness in our own life how the planet is warming, some places are getting drier whilst other experience dramatic floods, typhoons and hurricanes. The water cycle is disrupted.

After looking at pictures and discussing the solutions, the children were enlightened with a short video on Grenta Thunberg ‘ School strike for Climate Change”. She is a young Swedish girl who has single handily mobilised the youth around the world to take stronger action to stop climate change. The learners were inspired by her courage. One child writes, “ Im amazed that one girl can get so many people together and show them that climate change is real” One child writes, “ If I could speak to the president I would tell him to stop thinking about money and votes, think about our future, why do we need a president when he cannot take care of our future and protect the nature that we depend on. He must stop funding companies that destroy nature and fund business that protect and restore”

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