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A bowl of sunshine
Publié par Bambanani Primary School, South Africa le 23 octobre 2020

Climate change is something that will inevitably affects us all, weather we rich or poor, farmers or city dwellers, every country is the world is facing a looming reality and if we do not halve our emissions by 2030, we will pay the ultimate price with . That’s just around the corner.


With urgency and dire consequences of Climate Change its almost ironic that so much of our attention is focused on the Corona epidemic. With this in mind it was great have another opportunity in the classroom to have a frank discussion about climate change. Like any good lesson the tap in, turning in and touch approach to learning was employed and after learning about how be as individuals can take change of the situation and reduce our own fossil fuel dependency, the class then made their own solar cooker using ordinarily discarded material; an old polystyrene box,  some reflective roof liner and a sheet of glass. In grade 7 the learner has to understand the heating principals of absorption, reflection, radiation, conductions and a glass greenhouse effect.  This was a practical way learner could better understand these concepts. The solar will now be regularly used in the school and the following day the learner made their own vegetable soup. Yum Yum..what a wonderful day.

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