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Tippy Taps make Mega H20 Savings!
Publié par Mjila primary, South Africa le 11 mars 2019

Tippy taps: learners learned about saving water they are discourage to wash hands in running taps .They did an expirement : 10 learners wash their hands under running water , they use 4 litres,  the other 10 learners wash hands under tippy taps they just use 1 litre of water between all of them. This means they save 3 litres of water. If we compare with 2018 results. They save lot of water.. As a result they made 13,  2 litre plastic bottle tippy taps.We have 200 learners at school , who generally wash hands  during first and second breaks they consume 10 litres instead of 30 litres per day. Think about the water savings over 1 Week, 1 month, 1 Year.

So 100 litres are saved in a 5 day week - thats 400/mth and up to 3500l itres saved/ year taking into account about 3mths holiday

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