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Symmonds Lane Gets 4,1 - not good!
Publié par Oasis Prep, South Africa le 18 février 2019
Publication liée à MiniSASS,

The Grd 2 s visited the Symmonds lane stream and took the temperature which was 24 degrees C. In ice-cream tubs the learners scopped up some water samples looking for macro-invertebrates. THey found crabs, worms, damselflies and water beetles and water striders. The total score on the miniSASS was 4,1 . Last year the Grd 7s did a test in October and got a score of 4, 2. Both these scores indicate that the stream is in a poor condition, this could partly be due to the recent rain we have had which means more pollutants could be entering the system. We will keep an eye on our stream.  The Grd 2s then went back to class and drew their favourite miniSASS macroinvertebrate 

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