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Its all on the map
Publié par Luhana Primary, South Africa le 4 février 2019
Publication liée à Water Walkway,

The water walk way challenge started with a little map exercise were children needed to compare two global map to work out average annual rainfall in certain countries and compare it with projected economic and physical water shortages expected in year 2025. This was a great activity to get children to understand water shortages on a global scale, but also to interpret keys, exact important information and draw comparisons between different maps to be explain a certain phenomenon. We concluded that most areas around sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and parts of South America and China experience semi-desert conditions with an annual rainfall less than 500mm of rain a year. Most of these countries were flagged red in the key indicating a projected physical water shortage in just 6 years’ time. That means we will not have enough water to grow our food. It was also interesting to see how countries like parts of Europe and Australia who experienced similar rainfall patterns yet were not expected to suffer dramatic water shortages because they had a good integrated water demand management scheme in place. An interesting activity was concluded on a local level by writing pledges to help save water at home and in our schools.

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