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WaterExplorer in Italy awards National Winner!
Publié par InEuropa srl le 3 juin 2019

On the 3rd June 2019, the Italian WaterExplorer team ran the national award ceremony of WaterExplorer Program in Italy online.


The team chosen as national winner of 2018/2019 WaterExplorer edition was Oroblu Linguaglossa, a team composed of pupils of the last year of the primary school at Istituto comprensivo Santo Calì, in the province of Catania. The team will participate at the final, international award ceremony together with other European countries’  teams!


In its third year of participation to WaterExplorer, the team really distinguished itself for having both accomplished the challenges proposed by the program throughout its 4 thematic goals, and created new challenges. The team created and managed activities to raise awareness within  the school and the local community on water saving issues.

Among the results achieved, they wrote water saving rules and they obtained, through the cooperation of the school doctor and nutritionist, a " water saving" menu at the school canteen, that reduces the use of food whose preparation requires big quantities of water. 


The team was always active during the school year in sharing the initiatives put in place with all the Water Explorers on the program’s website, deeply understanding the importance of spreading values such as taking caring of the environment and water resources.


Here are the two other teams that were shortlisted in the national contest:


  • Pesciolini e gamberetti, Istituto Comprensivo SAN NILO’s primary school team, in Grottaferrata (Rome)
  • The Boys of the Lake, Istituto Comprensivo SILVESTRI’s lower secondary school, in Trevignano (Rome)


A special thanks to all the teams that took part in the competition, who contributed in an enthusiastic and important way to diffuse water saving practises and safeguard the planet by raising awareness within schools, families and communities!


We will update you about the International award ceremony! Stay tuned!


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