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Pesciolini e gamberetti are making a splash!
Publié le 4 mars 2019

Congratulations to Pesciolini e gamberetti from Italy for making a splash!

Pesciolini e gamberetti are an incredible Water Explorer team, in the last month they have completed numerous challenges to save water and our planet. The team have proven to be really creative and committed by making their own challenges, for example, they created a snowman out of plastic cups for the school play. They have been busy publishing lots of excellent newsreels on different ways to recycle waste materials to save the secret water embedded in things. They made a birdhouse out of old milk cartons and have also written a letter to the school board explaining the importance of fixing the leaking radiators in their school. 

They are currently awarding stars to each student that does a kind act for nature, as you can see from the picture the students have been very busy! 

What an inspiring team - well done!

The Water Explorer Team

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