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C'est 90% de notre objectif. Vous aussi, rejoignez l'aventure !
C'est 90 % de l'objectif. Vous aussi rejoignez l'aventure !
Sixpere are making a splash!
Publié le 25 février 2019

Congratulations to Sixpere from Spain for making a splash and being awarded Water Explorer's current top team! 

This team is in its third year of taking part in Water Explorer and they have been very busy these past couple of weeks. They are top of the leader board in Spain and have already completed the Global Water and Precious Water Missions, with their activities reaching 41600 people and getting 1375 people involved! They have run events where people have swapped clothing to save the secret water embedded in our clothes. They have also uploaded a great video of them singing their water rap which you can find here:

Well done and keep up the amazing work!

The Water Explorer Team


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